Wanna create a sensational app?

I help companies design successful apps by proposing realistic and uncomplicated solutions.

I respect project limitations, fulfill business objectives and, above all, steer the product to users needs.

I work in a versatile manner and adapt myself to what organizations need.

This is how I can help you

Product Strategy

Companies struggle to know if they are building the right product, in the right way, and in time to beat the competition.

For over 18 years in the technology sector, I worked on several successful projects, and a few that have failed.

With this baggage, I can help you and your team to elaborate a custom strategy to create an app that attract, please and retain users. All that in an agile and collaborative manner.

UX design excellency

Experience design (ux) it’s how your app behaves to offer value to people every day.

I designed apps used by millions of people.

I know how to translate your ideas and customers needs in a design that is exactly what you want, and yet will surprise you.

Otimization e innovation

Publishing the app is just the beginning of your product lifecycle.

You need to keep up with changes and constantly tweak the experience to attract new users and retain current ones.

I have a diversified inventory of tools and techniques to optimize your app and ensure long-term success.

Let's create a sensational app?